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      I build some of the most innovative guitars on the market today. Every detail has been designed and refined until it comes together to make one of the most comfortable, easy to use, and visually striking guitar or bass that you will ever come across. Unlike most other companies, I don't charge you extra or make you pay "Custom shop" fees for what I consider to be a standard option. This includes neck shape, fret board radius, and fret wire. Most fret boards won't cost extra, and you usually will have a choice of walnut, cherry, or maple for the bodies. Some options do cost more, but you get to make the choices as to what you want on your guitar or bass.
   I have been working on increasing the production capability of my shop and now that I have done that, I would like to fill that open production space. I am currently running a sale on all in stock guitars, all of which are brand new, and to fill up production capacity, all new orders too.
     Finally, I would like to annouce that I am looking to take on more OEM production work for people or companies who would like help in establishing a USA based manufacturing operation. If you think you have an idea for the next best guitar idea or any type of wood production or prototype work, I'd be happy to help out.
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Over 20 years experience in building guitars and basses.