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About my guitars,
      I build some of the most innovative guitars on the market today. Every detail has been designed and refined until it comes together to make one of the most comfortable, easy to use, and visually striking guitar or bass that you will ever come across. Unlike most other companies, I don't charge you extra or make you pay "Custom shop" fees for what I consider to be a standard option. This includes neck shape, fret board radius, and fret wire. Most fret boards won't cost extra, and you usually will have a choice of walnut, cherry, or maple for the bodies. Some options do cost more, but you get to make the choices as to what you want on your guitar or bass.
   The summer sale starts today, and am also announcing one of the greatest innovations in acoustic guitar development in years. I have finished the final refinements on the "Tunable top" guitar. It will allow you the player to voice the guitar body and change it any time you like. It is a piggy back option to my Pegasus series of instruments, and will work on any Pegasus guitar or bass that I have sold. Click the Latest innovations tab on the upper right section of this page for more info.
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