This is where it all started, come on in and see the new models. Find out how you can get an innovative custom guitar for way less than what the major manufacturers charge.
Custom manufacturing
Over the years, I have made parts for many companies. Most prefer that it not be known that they have parts made elsewhere, others, like the Tranjo travel banjo are fine with it being known that they don't make every part of the instrument .
Custom Woodworking
My custom inlay work is not limited to guitars. Check out some of the projects I've done over the years, and if you have an idea for something you like, let me know and I'll get you a quote.
Prototypes and models
This is what I did before guitars, using a CNC for intricate, super accurate prototypes of parts coming on the market. If you need something unique cut out of plastic or wood, give me a call, and I can help out.
Made in America
Always has been, always will be.
Every guitar I have ever made has been crafted in America. No low-end foreign manufactured lines, just every guitar, custom built to my or your specifications. I like making guitars, it's fun and rewarding, and it makes my day to get an email or a phone call from a customer who is amazed by the guitar he just purchased from me. I'm also a small business, and I am willing to take the time and effort to build the best guitar possible. I am not some huge corporation that is putting profits above all else, and forcing you to pay for the endorsement deal of some famous guitar player. Please feel free to browse the site for more information, it is under construction so watch your head, and feel free to contact me for more information. I do work full time as an RN, so emailing will probably get you a quicker response than a phone call.
My Guitars
Jon Kammerer Guitars
tel: (319) 526-7651
Contact information
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