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Pegasus Stage Acoustics
List Pricing:
Pegasus Acoustic, satin finish $2,800.00
Pegasus Acoustic, gloss finish: $3,000.00
Pegasus Acoustic Bass, satin finish $2,800.00
Pegasus Acoustic Bass, gloss finish: $3,000.00
Pegasus Hollow Body Electric, satin finish: $4,250.00

Pegasus Hollow Body Electric, gloss finish: $4,500.00
My Pegasus guitars and basses are named after the Pegasus constellation which also translates into flying horse. The Pegasus series of instruments has a "winged" top plate designed to isolate the top of the instrument from the rest of the body. This eliminates body feed back and while allowing the top to resonate much more freely than if it were constrained by the rest of the body. All of that resonance and wood overtones are picked up by the pickup systems mounted in the bridge of the guitar giving you truly acoustic sound while plugged in without the problems of feed back. Sure if you plug it in and turn it up loud enough and stand in front of the amp, eventually you'll get nice controllable string feed back but no body feed back.
The actual Pegasus body is based off of my Canis Major and Canis Minor acoustic profile, modified to be a double cutaway with 24 fret access. The Pegasus guitar are available in three body types: Stage Acoustic, Hollow body electric, and the Pegasus acoustic Bass. The stage acoustic and the Hollow body electric are available in either body size and the Acoustic bass is available only in a Canis Major sized body. Pictured below from left to right: Canis Major Pegasus, Canis Minor Pegasus, Hollow body Electric, and Acoustic Bass. Click on a picture for a higher resolution picture.
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Pegasus series instruments are available in walnut, cherry, poplar, hard maple or soft curly maple. Hollow body electrics will also be equipped with our "Tone Pod" pickup system and will also come standard with a Graph Tech acoustic bridge. Pegasus acoustics come standard with an L. R. Baggs element system with volume and tone control. Pegasus basses will have a Graph Tec acoustic bridge with volume and tone control. All will have a case included.
Same configuration as reviewed by Justin Johnson in summer of 2021, click here to see the review
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