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Named after constellations like all of my models, I am happy to introduce both the Orion electric and Pegasus Acoustic bass. Both are designed for extreme comfort, light weight and ease of use. In addition to that, both basses use the same neck, it is easy to swap out necks from from fretted to fret-less or use other fret boards. Simply loosen the strings, slide them up off of the tuning machines, loosen the one bolt holding the new patent pending neck tenon on place and pull off the neck. Reverse the procedure to replace the new neck. One of the major features of this system is your flat wounds can stay with the fret-less neck and the round wounds can stay with the fretted neck.
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There are several innovative features to the Orion and Pegasus bass models. They include:
Ergonomic light weight comfortable design
Excellent balance, absolutely not neck heavy
Built in stand, will sit on any flat surface and and can be leaned against almost anything
Easily to change neck
Blend pot or 3 way toggle
Available now with 30, 32, or 34 inch scale
Orion models fit in regular electric guitar case
Pegasus models fit in dreadnought guitar case

Optional "Briefcase lets you carry Orion body and 2 necks in a small package
List Pricing:
Orion standard, "Bar Buster" finish: $2,600
Orion standard, satin finish: $3,200.00
Orion standard, Gloss finish: $3,600.00
Orion exotic, satin finish: $4,000.00
Orion exotic, gloss finish: $4,400.00
Pegasus Acoustic Bass, satin finish $3,200.00
Pegasus Acoustic Bass, gloss finish: $3,600.00
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