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Body and neck Options
No cost, just get your guitar built the way you want it.
Costs Extra, I really want my guitar to pop.
Pickup Options
   The entire point of the Tone Pod pickup mounting system is it's interchangeability. Any "Tone Pod" equipped guitar will accept any Tone Pod pickup mount. Any passive humbucker from any brand should be able to easily mount into a Tone Pod. The Tone Pod system was designed to work with 4 lead pickups so they can be coil tapped. If you have pickups that are not 4 lead, they will still work, the coil tap/split just won't be active on the push/pull pot on the body. If you have a set of vintage humbuckers, they can be mounted into the Tone Pod system with no modifications that would decrease their value.
     As much as I would like to, I cannot possibly stock every set of pickups that is compatible with the Tone Pod system as virtually every humbucker set will work. Your Scorpius Standard electric guitar will come equipped with 2 sets of Tone Pods. Standard pickups will be one set of Seymour Duncan Jazz/JB or SH-1/TB-59 combinations, mounted to tone pods, ready to go. The second set of pickups will be Kent Armstrong's, either P-90's or high output distortion humbuckers. There will also be several other Duncan pickup combo's available, premium Duncan's will cost more. Duncan pickups mounted on a tone pod will Start out at $250 for most models, hopefully we will be able to do most of the Duncan line for under $350.
   Acoustic guitars come standard with L. R. Baggs element system, all will have a volume wheel located in the sound hole, newer models will have a volume and tone control.
   Pegasus basses come standard with a Graph Tech piezo bridge with a volume and tone control
   The Orion electric bass will come standard with Seymour Duncan Quarter pounder pickups, other Duncan pickups may also be used, depending upon cost, there may be a slight upcharge.
   Scorpius Exotics will come standard with custom wound Vaughn Skow pickups. Vaughn has had years of experience custom winding pickups and is making pickups that are not only innovative, but are extremely beautiful. He is also specifically custom winding pickups for me that will have an added function in the coil tap position. He will be providing me with more details on the models shortly and I will get it posted. Tone Pod's with Vaughn's pickups will range in price from $400-$450.
   Orion Exotic basses will also have Custom wound Vaughn Skow pickups.
At the end of the day, I want you to have a guitar that exceeds your expectations. If you want to substitute items on the different models/trim lines, ask. Your price may go up or down depending upon how you want your guitar made. I want you happy, preferably telling all your musician friends how great it was dealing with my company.