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Jon Kammerer Customs
Building premium guitars since 1995
Phone: 319-795-2631
Jon Kammerer Customs
222 Timea St.
Keokuk, IA 52632
Electric Guitars
I have been making my Scorpius model electric guitar for almost 20 years. Available in either a solid or chambered body, it is one of the most comfortable electric guitars you will ever play. This model is the first model to feature my patent pending "Tone Pod" which will allow you to swap out pickups in a matter of seconds.
The Scorpius is the first of my models to incorporate the "Tone Pod", but it will be available in all of my electric guitars as I reconfigure the bodies to accept the Tone Pod. Several models will be released in the next year or two ranging from new and innovate to vintage inspired models. My goal with the Tone Pod series is to first get you into a guitar that you are comfortable with, then allow you to give it any tone you want.
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Squeeze the two tabs together and pull. You've just successfully removed your "Tone Pod" pickup system from your guitar. Grab another as your guitar comes standard with 2 and plug it back in. I am working with multiple pickup manufacturers to have a huge variety of tones available. The Scorpius Standard will come with a Jazz/JB pod or a SH1/TB59 pod to give you a variety of tone. The second standard Tone Pod will be your choice of Distortion humbuckers or P-90's. Scorpius exotics will come with any two Tone Pods of your choice. Tone Pods will be matched either to the body or to match the fret board, the choice is yours.
My available woods for all of my standard guitars are: Walnut, cherry, hard of soft maple, and poplar. Exotic woods (Top face/half of the guitar) are: Zebrawood, lacewood, bubinga, red heart, purple heart and many others available by request. Also, I'm not a stickler for having a strict line, so options can be selected from both the standard and exotic menus when making your guitar. They'd be priced somewhere in between. At the end of the day, I want you to have the exact guitar that is right for you.
Email: info@jonkammerercustoms.com
List Pricing:
Scorpius "Bar Buster" finish: $2,600.00
Scorpius standard satin finish: $3,200.00
Scorpius standard, Gloss finish: $3,6000.00
Scorpius exotic, satin finish: $4,000.00
Scorpius exotic, gloss finish: $4,400.00