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Canis Major and Canis Minor Acoustic Guitars
Named after constellations like all of my models, the Canis Major (Big Dog, right) is a dreadnought sized acoustic that is incredibly comfortable to play while still having a rich unplugged volume. The Canis Minor (Little Dog, left) is designed to be even more comfortable to play while still sounding like a traditional acoustic guitar. Both models are designed to be played live with the body shape to help reduce feedback.
All of my acoustic guitars are equipped with an L. R. Baggs element pickup system with a volume or volume/tone control located in the sound hole. As with all of my guitars, they come standard with a case and hardware needed to optimize the guitars performance. My unique bridge design eliminates the need for bridge pins making it extremely easy to change strings.
My acoustic guitars are available in both a satin or gloss finish. Standard woods used in my acoustic guitar bodies are: Walnut, cherry, hard maple, soft maple, and poplar. Fret boards are available in: Ebony, rosewood, hard maple, hard curly maple, birds eye maple, zebrawood, lacewood, red heart, and purple heart. Other body woods and fret board woods may be available by request.
List Pricing:
Canis Minor Satin Finish: $2,600.00
Canis Minor, Gloss finish: $2,800.00
Canis Major, satin finish: $2,800.00
Canis Major, gloss finish: $3,000.00
All Canis Major's and Minor's come standard with an abalone rosette around the sound hole. Wood flames inlaid around the sound hole are an additional $200.00
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