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I'm making a model change, so I need to clear out these guitars even though they are new. There are some minor finish imperfections in the camo guitars, the flags are in excellent condition. All of the custom shop guitar have custom wound pickups by Vaughn Skow from Nashville, a literal professor of pickups.

Left to right, 1-6
1. Pixelated camo, over 7,000 pieces to start, it is a one of a kind guitar. It will probably be a one of a kind guitar, it took me over a week just to cut and layout the pixels. I still had to make the guitar after that. Custom radiator cover pickups. List price $7,000, sale price: $3,500.00
2 and 3. Woodland camo pattern, 2 has Filtertron style Pickups, 3 has radiator covers. List Price: $4,000, sale price $2,000.
4. Desert camo pattern, has radiator cover pickups, all the radiators listed here are custom PAF windings with the radiator cover. List Price: $4,000, sale price $2,000
5-6. Flag pattern Scorpius. Custom wound PAF's by Vaughn with gold screws and slugs to complement the hardware. Vaughn also custom wires all his pickups for me so that the screw coils are the active coil when tapped, not the slug coil. It lets you adjust your tone, plus also give wider spacing on the pickups. List price: $5,000, sale price $2,500.
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List Pricing: $4,000-$7,000
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