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Top Row: Scorpius USA Flag electric guitars, made with 18 pieces of wood and 53 pieces of inlay for the various star patterns. Left and right have flame maple, cherry and walnut for the bodies, middle has birdseye maple for the white stripes on the flag. All have Seymour Duncan, coil tapped pickups. List Price: $5,000, sale Price $3,750.
Bottom Left: Texas Special Dorado with inlaid "Yellow Rose of Texas. Solid walnut body, birds eye maple fret board and abalone fret markers. Seymour Duncan pickups. List Price: $3,600, Sale Price: $2,700.
Bottom Middle: Camouflage Scorpius. Multiple pieces of Walnut, Maple, Poplar, and Cherry cut out to form a Vintage Woodland Camouflage pattern used by the US Army in the 1980's. I used my field jacket for inspiration. Seymour Duncan coil tapped humbuckers, Maple neck, Rosewood fret board, and Abalone fret markers. List Price: $4,500, Sale Price: $3,370.
Bottom Right: 2nd of 2 Texas Specials, this one has a chambered walnut body, inlaid "Yellow Rose of Texas", birdseye maple fret board and abalone fret markers. Seymour Duncan Pickups. List Price $3,800, sale price: $2,850
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