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Pegasus Series, General Information
The whole concept of the Pegasus Series revolves around the sound holes. With that in mind, it is available on all acoustic models instead of having the round sound hole. I also have versions of the Pegasus such as the double cutaway and the bass that aren't available with a round sound hole.
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But wait, there's more. I don't just stop, I like to keep tinkering. While doing research, we found that if you closed the gaps in different spots on the sound holes, it would change the tone of the guitar. What's that mean to you? You would typically pay a master luthier thousands of dollars to build you a guitar that has been "voiced" to have optimal sound. I developed a system I call the "tunable top" where you can use one or several locking clamps that fit discretely along the sound hole of the guitar. There are both dampening and enhancing clamps that change the way the guitar is voiced. Non-marring, easily moveable, infinite combinations. This is something unheard of in the design of acoustic guitars. You get to voice your own guitar and change it whenever you want.
At this time, all versions of the Pegasus Acoustic have a fully accessible, 24 fret fret board, this includes the basses. On the guitars, scale length is 25 inches, on the basses, 34 inches. All standard neck and fret board options are available at no extra cost.
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