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Pegasus Acoustic
This is probably the biggest innovation that I have come up with. In a nut-shell, it is an isolated top plate that can vibrate freely with the string vibration. It allows for the fullest possible sound when plugged in as all of the natural harmonics and overtones of the top plate vibrating are transferred to the pickup. As a bonus, when testing, we found out that by isolating the top plate, it also made the guitar highly resistant to feed back. You can get it to feed back, but it's string feed back like on an electric guitar. It is easily controllable just by dampening the strings. You can easily play at stage volumes without feed back issues, or if you want to innovate, can actually incorporate it into your music.
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List Price: $2,600, satin finish, $2,800 Gloss, case included.
Available options:
Canis Major Regular Body or double cutaway body
Canis Minor regular or double cutaway Body
Body wood selection
Satin or Gloss finish
The most popular configuration of the Pegasus Acoustic is in the double cutaway body, 12-16 inch fret board radius, Standard C neck and an L. R. Baggs element pickup system. In a gloss finish, list price is $2,800, satin, $2,600, case included.
Other Options Available
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