Latest Innovations
I have been designing and building guitars for 20 years now. Rather than sit back and say "That's the way it's always been done." , I try to come up with more innovations and inventions. Some are small and barely noticeable like the integrated jack mount on the back of the acoustics that are designed to let the jack pull out if you step on the cord to major innovations such as the Pegasus series. Not only is it feed back resistant allowing you the ability to run a variety of gain on an acoustic guitar, it's versatility allows for innovation on top of innovation bringing my latest idea:
In the past, if you wanted to spend the money, you would go to a luthier who was classically trained in building a guitar. They would take the top plate, adjust the thickness until it resonated at the optimum level. Then they would glue in ribs, bracing, add sides, binding, inlay, and then paint the guitar. All of these things affect the sound of the guitar, but at one point in time, the top was tuned. Claiming it is still tuned is like making a pool shot using all four rails and a combination of 5 different balls. It really isn't something that is really pulled off consistently or easily, but is technically possible.
The Tunable Top
The tunable top system allows you to voice the top plate of the guitar yourself, and to change it at any time. I've developed a system of clamps that you insert into the sound hole, twist, and lock. There are dampening (Soft surface) clamps and Enhancing (Hard surface) clamps. Dampening clamps will diminish sound transmission and vibration of the top plate while enhancing clamps will help facilitate sound wave transmission to the rest of the body of the guitar. You can use as many or few in any combination you can think of, they are ideal for studio work where subtle changes used to require multiple guitars.
8-01-18update005005.jpg 8-01-18update005004.jpg 8-01-18update005003.jpg 8-01-18update005002.jpg 8-01-18update005001.jpg
Key features:
*Infinite combinations to voice guitar top
*Feed back resistant body
*Easily controllable feed back when feed back is desired
*Extremely versatile for studio work
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