Pegasus Hollow Body Electric
222 Timea St. Keokuk, IA 52632
TEL: (319) 795-2631
It's finally here, my new and improved, Hollow body electric guitar. My original model was based off of the original acoustic, however it had a thicker wall (3/8th's of an inch versus 1/8th of an inch) to reduce feed back. With my invention of the Pegasus sound hole system, feed back was no longer the issue it had been with every other hollow body electric made. The top plate could be thin without feeding back, there isn't a need to have the bridge plate make contact with the back plate either.
6-20-17update019006.jpg 6-20-17update019005.jpg 6-20-17update019004.jpg 6-20-17update019003.jpg 6-20-17update019002.jpg
Improvements include:
Original Model
Most other options available on all of my other models are available on the Hollow body electrics. If they are no cost elsewhere on the site, they are here too.
List Price: $3,500, case included.
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