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Vintage Inspired instruments

I am pleased to announce the release of the Dorado, which was inspired by the Fender Telecaster(TM). This guitar is available in two body styles, the standard and the Deluxe. The standard was re-created from a custom shop Tele(TM) that a customer generously let me borrow in order to duplicate the neck for him. The standard model is a recreation of a vintage Tele(TM). It has the same look and feel as the original, down to the weight. The Deluxe version has several upgrades to the body to make it lighter, more resonant, and more comfortable to play. These features include a relieved neck joint, a contoured cutout on the back so it doesn't dig into your stomach and a chambered body. On the deluxe version you can pick any or all of these options for no extra cost. The guitar to the left is a prototype of the Dorado Deluxe, the guitars below are prototypes of the Dorado Standard.
If you grew up like I did you have an appreciation for some of the premium guitars from the past that created the music we love today.
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