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Pegasus Acoustic Bass
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It's finally here. After years of development, I am finally happy to announce the new acoustic bass is here. Available exclusively in a double cutaway body with a headless neck, this is an extremely well balanced instrument. With the tuning machines at the end of the body, it is also easier to tune then a standard bass with the tuning machines at the end of the neck.
Standard options include:
satin finish
standard 4 bolt neck joint
24 fret neck
34 inch scale length
Strap lock tuners
Graphtec Ghost pickup system with pre-amp
Volume and tone controls
Feed back reducing sound holes
integrated stand built into neck and body
Walnut, Cherry, or Maple body
Ebony, Rosewood, or Maple fret board
Maple or walnut neck
Your choice of fret board radius
6-20-17update013003.jpg 6-20-17update013002.jpg
List Pricing starting at $2,800, case included
The instrument pictured is the 3rd generation prototype of this bass. I have some minor changes to make and it is ready for production. These are mostly minor, but include bringing the tuning machines about a half inch in closer to the bridge and shortening the length of the integrated stand. Electric pickups are also available, I usually use Bartolini, but email me if you have a special request.
Gloss finish: $200.00
graphite reinforced neck joint $400.00
6-20-17update013001.png ac-el-bass-high-rez.jpg