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     Yeah, these will cost more. Still, if it's what you want, why not make the guitar the way you want it. Most of the upgrade options are cosmetic and will not improve the tone, only the look of the guitar. Some of them, such as pickups can make a huge difference in tone. Please email me if you have any questions and I'll help out as quickly as I can. I will not have specific prices on some options because wood is a commodity and prices do change.
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Free Options
Body, Neck, and Fret board
You can upgrade woods on the body, I use premium quality woods for all models, however if you want curl, quilt or other exotic features, contact me and I'll try to find it for you.
     You can also source your own wood and I will work with you on making your guitar out of your own wood.
  I use L. R. Baggs pickup systems on my acoustic guitars. On the hollow body electrics, I offer a choice of either L. R. Baggs pickups or Graph-Tec pickup systems. The hollow body bass and acoustic bass will have Graph-Tec acoustic pickups in the bridge. My standard electric guitar wiring is volume and tone control with a push/pull pot on the tone control to split the humbuckers, coil tapping them to give you single coil sound. If you would like a custom wiring, you will need to provide a wiring diagram of what you want. is a good source for custom wiring. Cost of upgrading wiring will depend upon complexity of the wiring and any extra parts needed. Due to the recessed knobs, there is room for 2 control pots and 1 toggle switch.