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You may be wondering why I'm devoting a whole section to necks. I've got two main reasons. First, the neck is your interface with the guitar. If it's not a perfect neck, it'll never be the perfect guitar. Second, even though I make really innovative and pretty cool guitar bodies, I think I make some of the best necks in the guitar industry. I make necks for several other companies, so I must be on to something. I've personally made over 1,000 necks for guitars, basses, and banjos, so I do consider myself to be highly qualified on the subject.
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More than you ever want to know about guitar necks
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From the left, standard headstock, maple with ebony fret board. Next, 5 piece laminate of flame maple and walnut with an ebony fret board. Headstock off of American Flag model with walnut neck, maple star, maple fret board. Last picture, close up of fret work and blind fret slots. For more information on the necks, please see the large link in the middle below for a PDF on how guitar necks are made. For more information on options available, please check link on left for PDF on neck and fret board options.
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