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Mini Hollow-body Electric Guitar
My tricked out ultra light weight mini-hollow body electric guitar is available by custom order as you can pick the options that will make the weight more suitable to you and your tone preferences. The standard version uses the same hardware as the rest of my guitars, but still comes in between 5 and 6 pounds. The tricked out versions are usually between 4 and 5 pounds. What's the difference?
Way back, around 15 years ago, I had a request to make the lightest possible electric guitar that I could. The person who requested it was a rather slender person, and she felt that playing a traditional solid body electric guitar, which was about 8-10% of her total body weight, just wasn't for her. She wanted to know if I could make an electric guitar topping out at 4 pounds or less. I tried and here are the results.
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 On the ultra light version, swapped out parts include: graphite saddles, plastic knobs, mini-humbucker in bridge only, no tone pot, no selector switch, and nylon housing on the tuning machines
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I don't have the new updated version of this model in stock yet, but I am anticipating having a working prototype during 2018. If you are looking for an ultra-light, great sounding guitar, this is is. It will have a list price of approximately $2,600 with many custom options available for that price. Click on the quick order form below to get yours ordered today.
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Many custom options available at $2,600
List Price: $2,600, satin finish, $2,800 Gloss, case included.