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As seen in Vintage Guitar Magazine
I am pleased to announce my latest version of the dreadnaught acoustic. It has the new back shape which conforms more to your body. In addition to the new shape, the shape has slightly more cubic inches than the traditional back. I've just been calling it the alternative back, but it's becoming more popular. One of the best names I heard for it at the Arlington show was the "Beer Belly Back." As someone who might possibly have one of those, I can say it is more comfortable. The new version has all the same options as the standard Canis Major, and does come standard with a deeper body insert. Also new, I'm including poplar as a standard wood offering in the no extra cost category. I've never really seen any poplar acoustics, but I noticed that it had a little more thump in the lower frequencies.
This guitar has a
"Freaky fast neck" as reviewed by Vintage Guitar magazine. However, it's not any different from my other necks, so I guess I just make freaky fast necks.
4-26-21update051004.jpg 4-26-21update051003.jpg 4-26-21update051002.jpg 4-26-21update051001.jpg
List Price: $2,800,
Case included.