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Pegasus Acoustic Guitars
New and Improved
   Tunable top. You first heard of it here. Traditionally on an acoustic guitar, the top is tuned to perfection, then the guitar is constructed. Problem is, every aspect of construction changes the characteristics of the top. Once the builder is done, the tone is set. The new tunable top system from Jon Kammerer Customs allows you, the player to easily adjust the voicing of your Pegasus series guitar or bass and put it back. Infinite adjustments are possible using either the sound enhancing or dampening cams that can be easily placed to connect the top plate of the guitar to the rest of the instrument. No other guitar in the world will give you this much versatility with tone.
     I made the first prototypes of this guitar almost 12 years ago, and have been playing with the design ever since. The patented idea behind the Pegasus is to have the top plate isolated from the rest of the guitar. Traditionally, acoustic guitars work like a bellows pumping air/sound out. This also induces feed back when amplified, which as acoustic players know, is a problem. With the top plate isolated from the rest of the guitar, it can vibrate more freely, letting all of the wood's natural resonances and overtones ring out without being dampened by being glued to sides. With the standard L. R. Baggs undersaddle element pickup system, you can capture every nuance of your guitars tone and send it to the amplifier. This guitar is designed to be a stage acoustic that will produce true acoustic sound at a volume that is necessary for any venue without feed back issues. Not only is this guitar feed back resistant, unlike other acoustics, you can control, tame, and use feed back if you choose. Due to the body not having the bellows action of a traditional guitar, you can even run gain or distortion like you would on a solid body. Like a solid body, if and when it does feed back, you can stop the feed back by dampening the strings. This hybrid guitar will give you some of the most versatile tones you can get from a guitar.
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Pegasus Acoustic/hybrid
The Pegasus guitar is available in either a double cutaway or a non cutaway body, most common configuration is maple body and neck, ebony fret board with abalone markers, 12 to 16 inch compound radius fret board, medium frets, gloss finish, and black hardware. This guitar comes standard with an L. R. Baggs active element pickup system with volume wheel, but the electronics can be modified to have a volume and tone control.
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List pricing starts at $2,800, case included.