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Electric Guitars
New and Improved
     I really did change it, on the left is before, right is after. Improvements include: mounting pickups from the back, recessing in knobs and switches, moving output jack to edge of guitar, and moving volume controls in closer to bridge to make volume swells easier.
Scorpius Electric Guitar
     The Scorpius was the first model of electric guitar that I made. It is available in a solid or a chambered body.
     The most popular configuration of the Scorpius solid body is: hard maple body with a hard maple neck, ebony fret board with abalone inlay, 12-16 inch compound fret board radius with medium frets, and black hardware. As to pickups, you can't go wrong with a set of Duncan Jazz/JB pickups.
     The most popular configuration of the chambered body Scorpius is a cherry body, maple neck, gold hardware, ebony fret board with abalone fret markers, 12 to 16 inch compound fret board radius and medium frets. Once again, Duncan's, this time, SH-2/TB-59 pickups.
Real Custom Guitars, Real good prices
Ever want more than what you see on the store wall? Don't want to pay $3,000-$10,000 just because you'd like your guitar to be a different color or slightly modified? I can help you. Current list price on the Scorpius is $2,500.00.
I have stock models, just like the major guitar companies. The similarities end there. I am building each guitar individually and you happen to be an individual. So, Why don't we talk before I build? I have extensive experience in building guitars, and can customize almost every aspect of the guitar for you. Most of these won't cost any extra, some will cost a slight bit more. You will have the choice of real options without having to go to the "Custom Shop" I do have a custom shop and you are invited to look, but there is no reason to pay double or triple price just because you'd like your guitar slightly modified to fit your playing style better. The links to the left will bring you to my current options and their prices.
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Scorpius List Price:
 $2,500, case included