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Fret Board Options
My standard fret boards have compound radius. What this means is that they are rounder at the nut and get flatter as you move towards the body. The reason for this is you can get the string action lower, which makes the guitar easier to play. The compound radius prevents the string from contacting the fret below it when you are bending notes. I offer fret boards in 3 standard compound radius: 6-8 inch, which mimics the 7 inch radius of the early Strats (TM), 8-12 inch, and 12-16 inch which mimics most modern guitars which have around a 12 or 14 inch radius. Most manufacturers don't do compound radius as it's more work. I have the mill cut it for me, so other than a drafting change, it's not much more work for me. If you want something different, let me know, it's no problem. It might cost a little extra, but at the end of the day, it's important you have the guitar you want. Generally, if you do a lot of chord style playing, you would probably like the 6-8 inch radius. If you are more of a lead player, the 12-16 inch radius. The 12-16 inch radius is my most popular option by far.
I am always happy to work with you on custom building your guitar. The fret board is probably one of the most important pieces of the instrument, it is the interface between you and the guitar. It's important that we get it right.
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Fret board woods: I have a large variety of woods in stock, not limited to: Plain hard maple, Curly maple, birds eye maple, walnut, ebony, rosewood, Pao Ferro, Zebra wood and Lacewood. I probably have even more, and if you want something different, contact me and I'll try to get it if legally possible. I also have cast acrylic (black) as an option. It will make one of the fastest, smoothest bending necks you've ever played.
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