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Neck Options
I make a great neck, "freaky fast" according to my latest Vintage Guitar Magazine review. Part of the formula for success is listening to people. We are not all the same, so why should your guitar necks be?
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 This picture has the different shapes of necks that I make. As you can see, I offer a huge variety at no extra cost. Also, if you want something that isn't here, ask. I can probably make it, but it may cost extra. My most popular option is the Standard C.
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If you want to know in detail about what makes a great guitar neck, check out this link. It's kind of boring reading, but if you're curious, it will answer most of your questions about guitar neck construction in general.
The headstock is the guitar makers signature to his guitar. Even though my primary focus has been guitar design, I've put thought into my headstock. It is the signature on my guitars, and other than the headless models, I don't change it.
1. Bookmatched, 2 piece neck, not flatsawn.
2. Blind Fret slots, no exposed fret tangs.
3. Your choice of radius for fret board.
4. Your Choice of fret size for fret board.
5. Many choices of wood for fret board.
6. Extremely solid Neck joint, increases sustain.
7. Proprietary fretting process, increases sustain.
8. Graphtec or Acrylic Nut, increases sound transmission.
9. Premium Gotoh or Graphtec Tuning machines.
10. Easily adjustable, dual action truss rod
10 No cost reasons my necks are great