Jon Kammerer Customs
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Phone: (319)795-2631
T-shirt inventory fluctuates, I usually get them in black, dark gray, and navy blue with white graphics. My current model has a small graphic on the front and a nice logo on the back. I'm selling them for $25 plus shipping and handling. The guys that do the silk screening on them have their shop about 4 blocks from mine and do excellent work.
I do have for sale some merchandise, I've had some custom T-shirts made. Like my guitars, the T-shirts are made in the U. S. A. I pay a couple dollars extra for that, but maybe, someone at the T-shirt factory in North Carolina might buy one of my guitars some day. You never know, but if you don't support American jobs, they go away.
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 If you want a T-shirt in a custom color, let me know, if you have a request for other merchandise, let me know. I'll see if I can arrange it. If you want a T-shirt for free, order a guitar, I'll throw one in for you.
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