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Phone: (319)795-2631
I have been working on stringed instrument design for over 20 years, I'm relatively new to bass design. I am working in two directions on the bass, the acoustic side, which you can see on my Pegasus pages, and the electric side, which is featured here. If you have ideas or suggestions you would like to see incorporated, let me know and if it seems reasonable and possible, I will try to incorporate it in. The rest of this page will give you more information about what I have done so far on the electric basses.
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 I do offer basses in both 4 and 5 string, fretted and fretless. Scale length is 34 inches, like all my other instruments, you can pick from a large menu of options, many for no extra cost. I am also working on a new version of the electric bass, I want to combine some of the features of my Pegasus bass with a smaller bodied instrument. Hopefully prototypes will be done this year.
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 I do use Bartolini pickups in the electric basses, if you would like something different, please let me know and I can build your bass exactly to your specifications.
List Price: $2,800, satin finish, $3,000 Gloss, case included.