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Top 10 reasons to buy a guitar from me.
10. I actually build the guitar for you, I am not some pretty figurehead of a company that doesn't know how to string a guitar.

9. You actually get what you want, and probably will get more than you expected (in a good way).

8. I don't engage in corporate welfare such as giving big money to famous people to hold my guitar in a magazine interview. This keeps prices lower for you.

7. My guitars are usually listing around $2,600-$2,800, are frequently on sale for a discount, and cost a fraction (literally, think 1/3 to 1/2) of the major manufacturers "custom shops.

6. You are supporting a small business, not a huge corporation.

5. I will stand by my product, and if you are making music, will help support you from my website.

4. I'm not a corporation, if I was, I wouldn't have been able to serve my country in the U. S. Army.

3. I work hard to support my community, have been a volunteer fire fighter for over 12 years.

2. See if you can find another guitar this innovative, comfortable, and playable for this or any other price.

1. Don't follow the crowd, try something different. I do have a good return policy, mainly because they don't ever get returned.
Top 10 lists are fun, and are sometimes just a good way to let off a little steam and get snarky. I'm not out to offend anyone with this list, hope it provides a little insight, and possibly a laugh or two.
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