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25 years ago, I started this journey as a design school thesis project working on developing acoustic guitars using alternative construction techniques, materials, and body styles hoping to come up with improvements over traditional acoustic guitar design. I was hoping to obtain a more comfortable shape with excellent acoustic qualities unplugged, and the ability to reproduce those sounds when plugged in and played with amplification. Over the years, I have obtained 3 patents for various aspects of acoustic guitar designs. In addition to the innovation I try to put into all of my designs, all of my guitars are built to the highest standards by me, and are double checked by my wife who can be totally nit-picky. (That's a good thing in this case.)
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BRAND NEW INVENTORY: I have almost 40 brand new guitars in stock that were created for the Dallas International Guitar Show

A trove of information containing magazine reviews, customer testimonials, and sound clips of the guitars.

A comprehensive list of options available and how you can get a totally customized guitar for no extra cost.

I have always strived to bring out new innovations in the world of guitars, I've got a list of both big and small innovations that make my guitars some of the most comfortable, best sounding, easy to use guitars that you will ever play