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Canis Minor
Canis Minor Dimensions (includes Pegasus)

Body length: 19.97 in, 492 mm
Upper bought: 11.41 in, 290 mm
Waist: 9.68in, 247 mm
Lower bought: 15 in, 380 mm
Thickness: 3.26 in, 83.5 mm
Thickness with deep body insert option: 4 in, 102.5mm
Scale length 25 inches, 635mm
This is the model that started it all, sort of. My original production version was a cross between this and the Canis Major. As a result, it didn't fit a standard case. I would have to either buy custom cases which greatly added to the cost, or I would have to add padding to a dreadnaught case. So, thinking it through, it made sense to go with standard body sizes and therefore cases wouldn't be a major issue in the price of the guitar. The Canis Minor is based off of a classical guitar profile.
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low-rez-canis_minor-full-body.jpg 11-14-21update029002.jpg cherrycm-fulllr.jpg 11-14-21update029001.jpg
List Price: $2,800, satin finish, $3,000 Gloss, case included.