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Canis Major
Canis Major (includes Pegasus)

Body length: 20.69 in, 524mm
Upper bought: 12.51 in, 318 mm
Waist: 11.22 in, 285 mm
Lower bought: 15.43 in, 392 mm
Thickness: 3.62 in, 92mm
 With Deep body insert option: 4.37 in, 111mm
Scale length: 25 inches, 635mm
This is my second major model in acoustic guitar design. It is based off of a dreadnaught body size, going with the concept of trying to push more air to make the guitar sound bigger unplugged. These guitars are available in a standard body depth, with just the top and back plates, or with an insert (sides) between the two that is 19 mm (3/4 inch) thick
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List Price: $2,800, satin finish, $3,000 Gloss, case included.