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Previous innovations
1. Parabolic based top and back which reduces standing wave cancellation.
The first thing I heard when I introduced my guitars was: "Man, that's different." I don't really think it was meant as a compliment. I have been in business now for over 20 years, and now when I hear it, it's usually a compliment. For those of you who haven't really followed my company (That's most of you unfortunately), here are some of the innovations I've brought to the guitar market.
2. Pegasus series sound holed, which makes my guitars one of the only acoustics on the market with easily controllable feed back.
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3. Eliminating bridge pins with an easily useable design.
4. Multi wood bodies making graphics an integral part of the guitars body.
11-14-21update027007.jpg 11-14-21update027006.jpg 11-14-21update027005.jpg 11-14-21update027004.png 11-14-21update027003.jpg 11-14-21update027002.jpg
Over the years, I have also tried to improve several other aspects of the guitar design. While not all of them are my own original ideas, the refinements do make my guitars some of the most comfortable, easy to use, best sounding guitars on the market today.
5. Tunable top which allows you to voice the guitar to your preference and then change it any time you want.