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There are several reasons to be innovative, in summary here are the main ones:

1. Innovation drives progress. If I can make the guitar easier to play, you will be able to excel more easily and expand your abilities.

2. I want to make the guitar sound better, eliminating feed back and giving a more realistic true acoustic sound without resorting to electronic gimmicks.

3. I want to make the guitar more comfortable to play. If you are more comfortable doing anything, you tend to do it longer. Play guitar longer, you get better quicker.

4. I want to make the process of maintaining the guitar easier. If you are able to do things like adjust truss rods on the fly, not have to fight with bridge pins, or doing a complete swap of electronics without having to see a repair tech, it makes you more efficient, therefore better at what you are wanting to do, which is play guitar.

5. I want the guitars to look as good as they play and sound. Utilizing modern technology to make something in a in a fraction of the time it would take to carve by hand, if that was even possible is using technology to make artistic expression affordable. Most of the designs I use would not be possible to carve by hand.
I started this company in a quest to make one of the most comfortable, best sounding acoustic guitars on the market. Along the way, my goal has always been to keep innovating. The links below go to the latest innovations, some of which I am just now releasing and the other is a summary of some of the bigger innovations I've developed on my guitars.
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