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Short run production
On this page I'd like to show a few pictures of some of the projects I've done over the years. They are short run production, typically ranging from 1-5 units up to runs of 50-100 units. Short run is something that is usually hard to arrange as most companies are looking on long term projects that they can make major bank with. I'm looking for projects that are shorter, and if you've got a little flexibility on delivery where I can run it during open machine time, I can offer flexibility in the shop rate.
My shop rate averages $75/hour, however, if you are flexible on scheduling, I can be flexible on shop rates. Depending upon complexity of your project and your lead times, rates may vary from $40 to $125 per hour.
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11-14-21update025004.jpg 11-14-21update025003.jpg 11-14-21update025002.jpg 11-14-21update025001.jpg
I didn't actually make the castings, but did draft the parts into my CAD/CAM system using calipers and paper, cut ren-shape patterns and cast iron core boxes to make the re-production possible.
The top left are pieces of the assembly, the bottom, it is assembled. Short run production using 6061 aluminum, ABS, Delrin, and cast acrylic. Ren-shape was cut and painted to mimic stone. Short run production, 16 units produced. Screws were sourced and not manufactured in house.