Jon Kammerer Customs
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Phone: (319)795-2631
Prototype and pattern work
I have spent the same amount of time doing prototype machining as I have building guitars. I've made all sorts of parts for all sorts of companies. Many times, didn't even know what I was making, other times it was obvious. One of the major things with prototyping is confidentiality. No one wants their design leaked and copied by someone else before they release it. Below are some pictures of the prototypes that have been cleared for release.
If you need something made that doesn't exist, I may be able to help. I can work in multiple media, all plastics, some metals, and all woods. Feel free to email me to request a quote.
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Foam sketch model, CNC cut
Prototypes for my tunable top
Aluminum, Renshape, Acrylic assembly
Delrin, 6 sided machining