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I am a creative person. I like working on stuff that doesn't exist, and I do have the ability to help you take your ideas from your head through design, prototype and into short run production. I used to do this full time back when I was in California and Arizona, but tapered off when I started my guitar company. Now that I've got my manufacturing processes dialed in, I wouldn't mind getting some more diversification in what my shop is doing. If you are looking for a machine shop that can work in a variety of materials ranging from surfboard foam to cast iron, not to mention all types of wood, I would be happy to help out. For more information, please feel free to email me from the link below.
I don't just make guitars and basses. I have a full service shop and have done projects ranging from cabinets and cutting boards to Renshape patterns and cast iron core boxes. What's that mean to you? If you are looking for someone who is highly experienced in CAD/CAM, woodworking, painting, design and prototype development, I may be able to help you.
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