Jon Kammerer Customs
Built by me, for you
Phone: (319)795-2631
I have over 25 years experience building guitars, my own designs have utilized extensive use of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).
I also hand detail, sand, and paint every guitar that I make in addition to hand fretting every fret board. Over the years I have developed processes and procedures to make the process run smoothly and consistently. I have been told by several authorities in the music industry I have some of the best necks in the business. I'd like to think it's true, between my guitars and other OEM necks I've done for other companies, I've make well over 1,000 necks. You do get better with practice.
I would be happy to put my experience to work for you. With my experience and shop capabilities, I can make consistent, repeatable, musical instruments of the highest quality. If you have an idea kicking around for a guitar or other product, I may be able to help you through the various stages of production. I can help with design, prototype development, short run production, and possibly large scale manufacture. My shop is located centrally in the USA, and I do offer complete discretion on your project.
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Do you want to own your own manufacturing company but not want to do all of the work yourself?
OEM: Original Equipment manufacture
I have made parts for several music and non-music related companies over the years, most would like to keep their use of outside vendors confidential. I have received permission from Sam Farris, owner of the Farris Travel banjo company, to showcase what I have done for his company. Please click on the link below to what I have done for him, and to get some ideas of what I could do for you.
Farris Travel Banjo