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I really don't have a dealer network, as it is hard to stock custom guitars in a store. So it is probably going to be hard to get your hands on one of my guitars to try it out and see how it feels and plays. I understand, and custom guitars aren't cheap. I've put together a couple of pages, one is responses from customers, one is of magazine reviews, and the last is clips and videos of my guitars in action. Hopefully, it will give you a well-balanced opinion of what other people besides me think of my guitars.
You've made it this far, I'm not sure how you found out about my guitars, but you are probably wondering, "Are these guitars all Jon claims they are?"
If you still have questions after the reviews and videos, please feel free to contact me. There are email links all over the site, or you can give me a call. If you check the contact information page, you will find the best times to call.
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