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The Pegasus was a happy accident. As I have mentioned previously, I try to be innovative with guitar design. So, an idea I had was what if I totally isolated the top from the rest of the guitar. It should let it vibrate more, therefore making a louder guitar when unplugged. However, it didn't work that way. It had less volume and was weak on the bass side of the sound spectrum. My friend Chad was taking grad student courses in physics, and wanted to take it to the lab and experiment on it. The results were surprising. There is published data on all the major acoustic guitars, how they resonate, what frequencies they feed back at, and how many frequency/feed back spikes there are. It's boring but informative. Short version: The Pegasus sound hole doesn't have the first low frequency spike, which is by far the strongest one that drives the feed back loop.
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 What you get with the Pegasus concept is an acoustic guitar that is highly resistant to feed-back and sounds huge when plugged in. The top plate of the guitar does vibrate more freely which allows the pickup (mounted on the top plate) to pick up all of the natural vibrations and overtones of the wood. As a bonus, you can even control the feed back because when you do get it to feed back, it is just string feed back, not body feed back.
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I kept running with the concept, as it occurred to me, that this could make for the ultimate stage guitar. Sounds like an acoustic, but no feed back. So I started developing new models based off of the concept. You can now get the Pegasus in both Canis Major and Canis Minor body sizes, acoustic body with Piezo bridge, Hollow-body electric with magnetic pickups and acoustic bridge pickup and also in a bass. The acoustic bass is available now, and the electric version will be available soon.
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Acoustic Canis Major
Acoustic Bass
Hollow body electric
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Acoustic Canis Minor