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Customer Reviews
     Most major guitar companies use paid endorsers, which means, when you are seeing most of the great artists playing a guitar, they are probably getting paid to play it.
     In the past, I have never used endorsers, I always felt that the guitar was good enough to sell itself. This page is dedicated to the people who have paid good money for one of my guitars, and these are their thoughts on it.
"Thanks again; I really love the guitar! I own about 40 guitars. Guess which one is my new favorite, and the most comfortable to hold and play, not to mention the most unique and beautiful? “
 Chris G., California
"Through the years I have been able to enjoy Jon's guitar building prowess. Four currently hang on the walls of my studio, at the ready to be played by the artists who record here. Another is next to my bed upstairs, and the guitar he customized for my wedding is tucked into the closet. Oh yeah, my writing partner has one at his house and my cousin has the other one."

"So, please understand that I can appreciate his work. Each one of these guitars is different in tone, but playability and feel is consistent among them all. Even right down to the stage acoustic that is my favorite."

"These guitars are pieces of art, they are made without compromise and they all make me very happy. Jon's skills are unmatched and I have been playing his guitars for years. In all the years that they have been here I have never needed a neck adjustment. Jon's builds are solid, intonation is perfect, the woods are gorgeous and if you find yourself in the market for a new guitar you could not do better than adding a Jon Kammerer guitar to your life."

Gene Gorski
"It’s a unique guitar. This guitar seems like you’ve owned it for years, right out of the box. The build quality is stellar. The playability is stellar. The neck shape is natural and feels familiar in the best possible way. The body is comfortable, and it’s a very light instrument. The style of the guitar and the beautiful walnut body is stunning."

"I am still astonished by the acoustic volume and tone of this guitar. How can a guitar with this shallow of a body be this loud, rich and articulate? Plugged in I am able to play at truly dangerous volume levels without a trace of feedback. And the tone at full volume is the same tone as at low volume; just louder. My Canis Minor is strung with 13-56 like all my other guitars, but the “feel” is different. Strings seem easier to bend."
Dennis Roger Reed
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